Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments in West New York, NJAs an osteopathic physician, Daniel Maenner, DO, at The Doctor’s House has years of training and experience in osteopathic manipulative treatments. This hands-on, gentle, and non-invasive approach to pain relief perfectly complements your medical care or stands alone as the best primary care for a musculoskeletal condition. To learn more about osteopathic manipulative medicine, book an appointment online or call the office in West New York, New Jersey.

What are osteopathic manipulative treatments?

Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) uses hands-on techniques to evaluate, diagnose, and treat problems with your neuromusculoskeletal system, which includes your muscles, bones, nerves, tendons, and ligaments.

While there are many different osteopathic hands-on techniques, they all involve moving your muscles, connective tissues, and joints using stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance.

OMT can play an important role in your health care. Whether used alone or together with other medical treatments, OMT often helps eliminate the need for drugs and surgery.

What health conditions are treated with osteopathic manipulative treatments?

OMT treatments can ease pain, promote healing, and improve your mobility. Although OMT is a natural fit for treating muscle and joint problems, it also effectively heals other problems such as asthma, sinus disorders, and migraines.

Manipulative techniques can treat conditions like respiratory problems by targeting the neuromuscular components that move air in and out of your lungs, such as your diaphragm.

Health concerns throughout your body often improve when our providers treat your neuromuscular system. For example, tense muscles may place unusual pressure on a nerve, which can cause symptoms anywhere in your body, depending on the affected nerve. Using OMT to lessen muscle tension relieves the pain.

OMT is especially beneficial for treating the full scope of pain syndromes. From low back and neck pain to carpal tunnel syndrome and migraines, OMT relieves stiff joints and muscles, relieves pinched nerves, and promotes blood flow, which is essential for healing.

How are osteopathic manipulative treatments performed?

Osteopathic doctors use their hands to examine your back and extremities, then they gently put your joints through motions to evaluate mobility. Based on their results, they develop a customized treatment plan that includes the OMT techniques that target your problem.

The team at The Doctor’s House is skilled in many different techniques. Here are a few examples of OMT therapies:

  • Muscle energy technique: uses isometric muscle contractions to relax muscles and restore movement
  • Myofascial release: relaxes tight muscles and trigger points
  • Articular therapy: techniques to improve range of motion in joints
  • Therapeutic massage: improves movement, increases blood flow, relaxes muscles
  • Visceral manipulation: relaxes abdominal fascia, which is the connective tissue lining the abdomen
  • Soft tissue technique: rhythmic stretching and deep pressure promotes circulation and relaxes muscles

Whether you have stiff, sore muscles, limited movement, or chronic pain, osteopathic manipulative treatments at The Doctor’s House can provide symptom relief. To schedule an appointment, call The Doctor’s House at (201) 869-6220 or book a visit online today.