Annual Physical Exam in West New York, NJA great way to prioritize your health is to schedule an annual physical exam each year at The Doctor’s House in West New York, New Jersey. Family medicine specialist Daniel Maenner, DO, performs your exams and records information about your health in order to view trends and detect potential risk factors. He also provides other preventive care for various types of cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, STDs as well as dental and eye exams. Call to schedule a preventive care visit or book online today.

What is an annual physical exam?

Annual physical exams involve several simple tests to evaluate your health. If your physician detects any potential health issues during your annual physical exam, they can refer you for further testing or start treatment right away.

The Doctor’s House encourages you to schedule a physical exam every year. During your appointment, your provider goes over your personal health history before examining you and performing some tests.

Annual physical exams can vary based on age and certain health risk factors, but they generally involve checking your:

  • Vitals (blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate)
  • Height and weight
  • Eyes, ears, nose, and throat
  • Motor function and balance
  • Skin and lymph nodes
  • Internal organs

Your provider checks your health and functioning by looking you over, palpating you to feel certain organs, or asking you to perform small tasks like balancing on one foot or walking across the room. They might also recommend lab tests, screenings, or vaccination updates.

What are the benefits of an annual physical exam?

With each annual physical exam, your provider gets a more complete picture of your overall health. They account for any genetic predispositions as well as habits and lifestyle factors that might contribute to future or long-term issues.

Getting a physical exam every year at The Doctor’s House has many benefits:

  • Allows you to track trends in your health
  • Results in earlier diagnoses
  • Results in better treatment outcomes due to earlier diagnoses
  • Helps you update your vaccines
  • Keeps your medical records up to date
  • Gives you the opportunity to get answers to health-related questions
  • Allows your primary care physician to get to know you better

The more your provider gets to know you through your annual visits, the better and more direct your health care becomes. They can refer you to trusted specialists if you need more intensive or specific health care, and they can predict possible health issues based on identifiable trends in your health.

Which other preventive care services are available?

Preventive care doesn’t start and end with annual physical exams. Other services can either check for specific diseases and give you peace of mind about your health or allow you to get treatment quickly when needed.

The Doctor’s House may also refer you for other tests including:

  • Mammograms (Breast Cancer Screening)
  • Colonoscopies
  • Hypertension (Blood Pressure Check)

To schedule your next annual physical exam or any other preventive tests, call The Doctor’s House at (201) 869-6220 or book your visit online today.